Anti-Gay Waddoups Pitches for Bigots

Heads are already butting in Salt Lake over proposed 2012 legislation. The SL Chamber of Commerce has been pushing for a state wide housing and employment anti-discrimination law similar to the one passed in Salt Lake City that would add lesbian, gay, and transgender protections to the already protected classes. Naturally, conservative lawmakers from outside of the city are frothing at the mouth (orally Santoruming?) at the idea that they would not be able to fire fags and kick them out of their tenements in Taylorsville or elsewhere.

State Senate Asshat-in-Chief President Michael Waddoups said about the bill:

“I think it’s a local issue. I think each community should implement what’s best for their community. On an issue like this, I think mandating that La Verkin have a similar ordinance to Salt Lake when their community values may be diametrically opposite … I think that’s further than we ought to be.”

“Community Values” such as employment and housing discrimination. Nothing builds a strong Stepford community quite like making sure everyone is the exact same as you are. Waddoups of course is able to contain such hypocrisy in his head regarding local legislation. Local legislation that tightens open weapon carry is too restrictive, and the legislature is working to make sure nobody ties their hands when it’s got a gun in it. Same with smoking. Or with alcohol. No, in those cases, it seems a statewide morality mandate is perfectly acceptable from the legislature, but when it comes to treating people like human beings, that’s going too far!

Not content to be outrun at the bigot race, Paul Mero, bigot in chief of the conservative-fellating Sutherland Institute said, “As a matter of business, I don’t see the connection between homosexuality and a vibrant economy. And if there is a connection for some unfathomable reason, money isn’t the measure of everything.” It doesn’t take much work at reading between the lines here to see that he’s basically saying “you couldn’t pay me not to discriminate, and even if you could I’d do it anyways.”

Taking a dip into Mero’s Sutherland blog (which I’m loathe to link to) is like reading through the standard conservative bigot’s playbook. He argues that gay marriage somehow redefines his infalliable traditional marriage, attacks the morality of LGBT groups with quotes from the Book of Mormon, and conflates true discrimination of gays in the workplace with a fictional story about coming out as Martian and having an awkward talk with his boss. I guess Mero is working on winning that Pulitzer for his novella “Damnit Jim, I’m a Gay Martian” between spending his every waking moment seething at the gay gay gay thoughts inside his head.

So which is it guys? Allow a community to set it’s own standards and laws, just like you would like the federal government to stay out of Utah’s business, meaning the citizens of California should be able to argue the merits of Prop 8 without outside influence and Salt Lake should be able to make whatever damn laws it wants to about discrimination, liquor, cigarettes, guns, etc. Or is it that the big bad state government can walk in and impose statewide laws overriding local “community values” with regards to the aforementioned? If so, don’t come crying when the Feds show up and say you can’t poison your citizens lungs and impose the regulatory burden of things like mine safety and food safety.

But of course, we know they won’t have to decide that. It’s somehow possible to answer both of those in the way that best lets them discriminate and legislate morality.

4 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Waddoups Pitches for Bigots”

  1. They are such hypocrites.  Does this mean each comunity should get to decide what its community values are on regulation of firearms?  And, why is there a bill to prohibit cities from enacting historic districts – – a traditionally municpal decision?  They are so inconsistent on the issue of local control that I can’t even take the argument seriously.

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