Eastwooding, or Angry Old Man Yells At Chair

File Photo: Clint Eastwood

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Did you guys laugh your asses off as much as we did last night? Clint Fucking Eastwood got on stage and scolded an empty chair for it’s lack of job creating ability for 10 minutes.

Do you just – you know – I know – people were wondering – you don’t – handle that OK. He had a piece of garlic on his belt, as was the style at the time.

Okay, so the second half of that quote is Grandpa Simpson. But the first part is all Clint. Naturally the internet couldn’t let the opportunity pass and fired up the meme generators. There’s even a twitter account for our invisible commander in chief. Chairs haven’t been this hot since Herman Miller came out with Aeron Black for the private equity executive inside of everyone. This epitomizes what the modern day Republican party has become; an angry old man yelling at an empty chair.

This reaction by NBC News is more than enough to communicate the awkward empty feeling after:


Watch it for yourself here:


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