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The Inquisition of Rebecca Lockhart and Michael Waddoups: A Dramatic Interpretation

“Becky, Mike … so good of you to join us. Have a seat, please.”

“Yes … sir … I, uh …” Becky answered, unsure why she had been summoned.

“Thank you for having us, sir,” Michael said in response as he moved to the designated seat. “I wanted to ask …”

“Now’s not the time for that,” the voice in the darkness interrupted. “I’ve got … that is to say, we’ve got some questions only you can help us with.”

“Of course, sir,” Becky said as she straightened her dress and beamed a smile.

“Yes, of course,” Mike chimed in.

“We were just wondering what was going on,” the dark voice stated more than asked.

“Going on?” Mike asked, employing his always present rapier-like wit.

“I don’t understa …” Becky started to say before being cut off again.

“With the legislature,” the voice finished.

“What? I don’t understa …” Becky repeated herself.

“The legislature?” Mike interrupted with incredulity. “There’s nothing going on that …”

“Time is valuable,” the voice stated flatly. “And we don’t have any to waste with self-serving denials of truth.”

Becky and Mike gazed toward each other for a few moments before turning back toward the voice.

“Haven’t you been given all the necessary pieces?” the voice asked. “And authority?”

“Uh … well … uh, yeah.” Mike stumbled.

“What? I don’t understa … ” Becky added.

“And you understand how important it is to keep things quiet?” the voice continued with elevated volume.

“Uh … well … uh, yeah,” Mike repeated.

“Yeah, but I don’t understa …” Becky offered.

“Then why do we have our own people … OUR OWN PEOPLE!” the voice made no attempt to disguise its anger and frustration.

Becky and Mike cringed as though being chastised in the school Principal’s office.

“Excuse me, brother … sister,” the voice apologized. “I’ve been under a lot of stress lately with this whole City Creek thing …”

Becky and Mike stole a quick glance at each other before re-focusing on their unseen inquisitor.

“Look, sir, if you’re concerned about the brother who told the media about the Church giving him direct orders about that stupid, little …”

“Stupid?” the voice asked. “Little?”

“You know … I mean it wasn’t really …” Mike tripped in the middle of his explanatory apology.

“Be quiet,” the voice commanded. “You’re here to listen. And I suggest you listen well.”

Audible gulps slid down Mike and Becky’s throats in unison.

“This can’t happen.” The voice said. “It exposes what we’ve spent decades hiding.”

Becky and Mike kept their eyes on the voice. Each knew what hung in the balance.

“Everyone here knows we must remain benign and aloof. Plausible deniability. As two of the chosen, you understand what we risk here.”

Sweat beads began forming at the front and sides of Mike’s forehead. Becky remained calm and composed … despite a mild, occasional flutter affecting her left eye.

“Brother … sister,” the voice assuaged its victims, “These are important times and you both play important roles. Celestial balance and ascension are our goal. We must keep our thoughts and emotions focused on the prize.”

“Of course,” Mike said with a contemplative nod.

“Yeah, but I don’t understa …” Becky said.

“It’s all about control,” the voice sliced in before Becky could finish. “We must maintain complete and unquestioned control. Right?”

Lesson learned, each politician shifted uneasily in their seat.

“So let’s have no more of these … incidents. Shall we?” the voice half-begged, half-commanded.

“Uh, no … of course not … I personally guarantee you, sir …” Mike began reassuring the voice.

“Yeah, but I don’t understa …” Becky finished.

“Yes, I knew I could count on you,” the voice finished. “So we will consider the matter concluded.”

“Uh, yeah … sure … but I’d like to ..” Mike began to say as his chair was pulled from under him so fast he almost dropped to the floor.

“Yeah, but I don’t understa…” Becky chimed in as her chair received the same treatment.

“See you Sunday,” the voice dismissed the two startled politicians.

As the two politicians stepped out onto the sidewalk and into the sunlight of a bright, Spring day, they looked at each other, winked, and put on their best smile for all the world to see.

To Be Continued…