BYU Disregards the “Thou Shall Sell Politically-Themed Jesus Art” Commandment

I went to the BYU bookstore last weekend to make a few purchases. For Mother’s Day, I purchased a 2-foot ceramic statue of Glenn Beck and Jesus Christ heterosexually making out. For my wife’s birthday, I bought a couple of condoms with holes punched in them. And for myself, I bought a transcript of Joseph Smith’s “I Have a Dream” speech. My favorite part of the speech is when Joseph Smith triumphantly rode up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in FDR’s wheelchair.

Then I thought to myself: “Like most conservatives and people who watch CBS, I love art!! As long as it isn’t abstract and doesn’t feature nudity or criticize religion, and only if it wasn’t painted by a woman or a gay or a liberal, and only if it agrees completely with my worldview and philosophy and doesn’t challenge me in anyway. I want to buy a painting by Jon McNaughton!!”

And that’s when I found out: “Artist yanks prints from ‘liberal’ BYU bookstore”


Jon McNaughton is a Mormon ‘artist’ who became popular on the Internet in 2009 for one of his Jesus paintings. Named One Nation Under God (but I didn’t need to tell you that), this painting depicts a real scene that actually happened in history of Jesus Christ wearing a gold dress and meeting Good* Americans and Good* Presidents. In the corner of the painting, there is also a depiction of an Evil** Supreme Court Judge and an Evil** Hollywood Person and an Evil** Lawyer and an Evil** Politician and Evil** Professor and Evel*** Knievel.

So why did abortion-loving, gay-promoting, alcohol-imbibing liberal BYU refuse to sell Jon McNaughton’s painting? After all, Jon McNaughton was simply trying to follow Jesus’ commandment that “we divide the human race into political parties” (Leviticus 11:9-12).

According to Carri P. Jenkins, “This painting has received some negative feedback in the past,” which keeps in line with BYU’s Official Policy of “never receiving negative feedback.”

If you would like to buy the painting which Brigham Young once called “fucking awesome”, you can still go to Jon McNaughton’s Jesus-y website.

If you would like to buy a liberal painting, you can stop by the BYU Bookstore on your way to Hell.